Ask the Builder: Replace the shingles, not the roof

NRCA generally agrees with Tim Carter’s response to Jeremy W.’s Aug. 1 question to “Ask the Builder.” However, NRCA disagrees with the suggestion of retaining two independent home inspectors to assess the situation to determine whether the roof should be repaired or replaced.  The cost of these home inspections likely will be more than the cost of the repairs necessary, and some home inspectors have limited roof application knowledge. In addition, some home inspectors will not (or should not) access roofs because of restrictions in or the complete lack of the necessary insurance to do so.

As a general rule, NRCA recommends homeowners first contact their installing roofing contractor in the event roofing-related problems are encountered.  The installing contractor is already familiar with the roof system and the specific materials and application methods used.  Also, in some situations, if the roof application is warranted and the necessary repairs are covered under the warranty, the repairs may be able to be carried out at no cost to the homeowner.

If the installing roofing contractor is not available or if the homeowner prefers to get another contractor’s opinion, NRCA suggests the services of a professional roofing contractor be solicited.  When contacting roofing contractors, the homeowner should indicate he or she are specifically interested in the inspection and repair of a roof, and not a new roof installation.  Many professional roofing contractors have specific inspection, maintenance and repair personnel who are well-suited to addressing such situations.

NRCA member professional roofing contractors in specific local areas can be located by accessing

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