Corporate America Is Betting Big on Solar Energy

The following article posted on shows that more large corporations are embracing solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems, providing further evidence that PV is becoming increasingly mainstream in the U.S. Corporations recognize investing in solar roofing adds shareholder value by providing relatively long-term stability to their energy costs plus helping ensure they can meet their ever-changing energy demands.

The most common argument Roof Integrated Solar Energy™ (RISE™), Inc. hears from businesses and homeowners regarding why not to invest in PV roofing material is economically it does not make sense. They incorrectly perceive it as too expensive and believe they will not see results in time to achieve their return on investment (ROI). In RISE’s opinion, that argument is similar to saying they also believe they will be driving their cars less than they are currently and gasoline prices will stay the same for the next 30 years. We know this is not true. Our energy needs and utility energy costs can only increase.

However, the larger concern is so many solar installers do not consider roof systems part of overall PV systems, though these two building systems (electrical and roofing) are integrated during a rooftop PV installation. Both systems need to perform equivalently to achieve maximum performance life. There have been too many cases where solar installers were unaware of or simply disregarded the roof system as they made promises to a roof system’s owner for a quick turn around on their ROI. This results in premature roof system failure because of the effect a PV system can have on roof system performance. This leaves a building owner with no choice but to deal with even higher costs to remediate the resulting roofing problems. When considering other unpredictable indirect costs caused by roof system failures such as damage to a building’s interior, loss of product inventory or interruptions to operations, the ROI picture can quickly become ugly.

There is no doubt that when solar installers install rooftop PV systems, they need to include someone on their team with expertise on integrating roof and PV systems. Nobody understands these issues better than a Certified Solar Roofing Professional™ (CSRP™), a professional certification offered by RISE.  CSRPs must meet extensive criteria, pass a rigorous and comprehensive exam, and demonstrate their ability to perform in real-world rooftop PV situations to earn the CSRP credential. PV system owners can rely on CSRPs to help protect their PV system investment.

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