Denver Post Article Urges Homeowners to Choose Roofing Contractors with Association Membership

“How to Hire a Roofer: 4 steps to making a scary process easier,” an article published in the Dec. 22, 2014 issue, of The Denver Post, maps out steps homeowners should take when choosing a professional roofing contractor. The article urges consumers to choose a contractor who is a member of a roofing industry association, such as NRCA. The article states: “These (associations) aren’t required, but solid, competent roofers will often be a member of at least one of these organizations.”

Why should a consumer choose an NRCA contractor member for roof system repair or replacement?

If a roofing contractor is an NRCA member, he or she has access to information on newest product developments, installation techniques, regulatory and legislative issues, company case studies and industry analytics. When a roofing company becomes an NRCA member, it is able to achieve the results that might not otherwise be achieved.

“I am constantly learning new ideas through programs, classes and networking with fellow NRCA members,” says NRCA Executive Vice President Lindy Ryan, regional managing president of Tecta American Southeast, Sanford, Fla. “I always leave with something new I can use to improve my business. Before joining NRCA, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

An NRCA membership also enables roofing contractors to train their staffs on leadership development, roofing technology and safety through NRCA’s educational programs. Roofing contractors also are able to use free online training on topics such as contracts, training and customer service. In other words, an NRCA membership provides roofing contractors and their employees with increased knowledge of the roofing industry.

NRCA contactors pride themselves on their professionalism, pledging to exhibit quality workmanship, to stand behind their work, and to commit to training and education to remain compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

In addition, NRCA provides homeowners and building owners with valuable information on how to make decisions regarding repairs.

To learn more about why an NRCA membership is essential to a successful roofing company, visit

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