NRCA Recommends Several Considerations to Prepare a Roof for a PV System

Joan Crowe, an NRCA director of technical services recently wrote “Prepping a residential roof for solar PV,” which appeared on Jan. 9.

According to the article, some confusion still exists about what roofing contractors, photovoltaic (PV) installers and homeowners need to know before installing a PV system.

Crowe states that a roof-mounted PV system is a commitment to a long-term arrangement between a rooftop and PV system, and there are some important issues that should be considered when considering a roof-mounted PV system.

Among the issues discussed in the article are similar life expectancies between a roof system and roof-mounted PV system, contacting a roofing manufacturer for written approval of a PV system installation to ensure a warranty is not voided and the weight a PV system will add to a rooftop. publishes online news and information for homebuilders, remodelers, architects, developers, product suppliers, homeowners and others to create more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable homes. To read the article in its entirety, click below.

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