NRCA Welcomes Back Puerto Rico’s Antilles Roofing After a Lucky Spin of the Wheel Brings a Free Membership


Armando Iduate, president of San Juan, PR-based Antilles Roofing celebrates with his family after winning a free one year membership on NRCA’s prize wheel at IRE on Feb 24.

San Juan, Puerto Rico-based Antilles Roofing Co. Inc. had been an NRCA member for many years. In fact, the company’s president, Armando Iduate, recalls the company’s original number was low.

“It was somewhere in the 60s,” he says. “We’ve always been happy with NRCA and the services it provides.”

Unfortunately, three years ago, poor economic conditions in Puerto Rico led to Iduate making the difficult decision to terminate his NRCA membership.

“The local economy is taking a hit, and jobs are hard to come by,” Iduate says.

During the economic downturn, Antilles Roofing has been able to survive, mainly because the solid reputation the company built in the roofing industry during the 50 years it has been in business has resulted in many repeat customers.

Iduate and his family met with some luck Feb. 24 during their recent trip to New Orleans for the 2015 International Roofing Expo,® where they paid a visit to NRCA’s booth and he explained his story to NRCA staff members.

Iduate explained he had to give up his NRCA membership because of financial hardship, and he was encouraged to spin the booth’s prize wheel, a popular attraction every year at NRCA’s booth. When Iduated spun the wheel, it landed on “Free Membership for One Year.”

“I won! I felt so happy,” Iduate says. “I told my daughter to take advantage of all of the opportunities that come with an NRCA membership.”

It is Iduate’s hope to someday pass along Antilles Roofing to his daughter. He says he is excited to have access to the NRCA manual, is pleased some materials are now available in Spanish.

He also has used the recently released NRCA app which is free to all members and includes NRCA’s most popular technical publications.

NRCA is happy to welcome back Antille’s Roofing Co Inc. as a member. For more information about NRCA membership, visit

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