NRCA Members Featured in Nationally Syndicated Home Improvement Television Show

Ned Arthur, president of Charlotte-based H&S Roofing Co. Inc., and Nick Sabino, president of Cincinnati-based Deer Park Roofing Inc., were recently featured in the most recent season of For Your Home. Both companies are members of NRCA.

Hosted by Vicki Payne, For Your Home is a popular lifestyle show focusing on trends in home improvement. It is the longest-running nationally syndicated home and garden show on television.

The episode featuring Sabino’s interview began airing nationally on American Public Television March 2. Sabino addresses several important issues regarding roof system repair and maintenance, including the importance of insulation and ventilation, signs of an aging roof and the benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor.

“They’re going to start with good design, followed by good workmanship,” Sabino says, explaining the importance of working with a professional roofing contractor. “They’re also going to offer maintenance programs or service programs for a roof system.”

H&S Roofing appeared in the following episode which began airing March 9, when the company installed a metal roof system on a portion of a home.

“We were coming in and preparing the roof deck to accept the new underlayments that we install under metal roofs,” Arthur says, describing a portion of the work that he personally performed on the roof system.

To view both For Your Home episodes in their entirety, visit

For more information about roof system repair and maintenance and the importance of hiring a professional roofing contractor, visit NRCA’s consumer website at

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