NRCA Works Diligently to Prevent Falls in the Roofing Industry

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An article in the April 13 issue of the Chicago Sun Times states a local roofing company recently was cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for failing to provide its workers with fall protection on a jobsite.

Fall protection in the roofing industry is critical, and fatality statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics highlight the significance. In 2013, 80 workers employed by roofing contractors died from work-related causes—66 of those deaths were the result of falls.

NRCA has partnered with OSHA in an effort to educate the roofing industry on the importance of fall protection for roofing workers and works diligently to reduce falls in the roofing industry.

OSHA regulations are clear about the requirement that roofing workers be protected by some form of fall protection when they are working at heights of 6 feet or more above the ground, or a lower level.

Options for fall protection include safety nets, guardrails or personal fall-arrest (PFA) equipment. In addition, when performing roofing work as defined by OSHA, workers may be protected by a warning- line system to allow workers to work inside the lines without additional fall protection. However, they must be protected by guardrails, safety nets, PFAs or a safety monitor when they work outside of these warning lines.

With the support of an OSHA grant, NRCA delivers free, day-long fall-protection training for workers throughout the U.S. The class focuses on fall hazards and controls workers must employ to minimize or eliminate the risk of injury or death.

Go to to learn more about this class and other resources NRCA provides to reduce falls in the roofing industry.

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3 thoughts on “NRCA Works Diligently to Prevent Falls in the Roofing Industry

  1. A great initiative by NRCA, fatalities arising from falls from roof is increasing every day, mainly due to incorrect practices, not wearing safety gear and lack of proper supervision. Kudos to NRCA.


  2. Roof Scoop says:

    Thank you Dakwerken. NRCA takes the safety of roofing workers very seriously.




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