Guaranteed Roofing Inc. Restores Apartment Building Housing Families in Crisis

SWATW Before

A 15 unit apartment building before renovations organized by Guaranteed Roofing, Inc. and Samaritan Women at the Well.

After Texas City, Tex.-based Guaranteed Roofing, Inc. installed a new roof system on the home of Kathy Kidd following Hurricane Ike in 2008, she and company owner Jeff Prouty established a friendship that would later result in an effort to help women and children of families in crisis.

Kidd, the marketing and business development director of Samaritan Women at the Well (SWATW), a local non profit organization that provides support to women and children of families in crisis, asked Prouty whether Guaranteed Roofing would donate roofing materials to renovate an apartment building that the organization had recently taken over.


This photo shows the same building after renovations were completed. The building now houses women and children of families in crisis.

It was SWATW’s hope to restore the rundown and potentially hazardous apartments, and use them for graduates of their one-year transitional housing program so the women and children could continue to benefit from the organization’s support and a nurturing environment.

Prouty not only agreed to provide the materials for the project, but he also volunteered to do all the work restoring the apartments, donating time materials and labor to renovate the 15-unit apartment building. Guaranteed Roofing also selected a crew to repair the electrical, plumbing, installation of doors, build new cabinets and perform other needed repairs. Along with other local businesses, Guaranteed Roofing performed nearly $50,000 worth in renovations.

SWATW Paint Party

More than 65 volunteers participated in a Painting Party on Aug. 16, 2014.

In addition, on Aug. 16, 2014, Guaranteed Roofing organized a Volunteer Paint Party to paint the outside of the apartments. More than 65 volunteers participated in the event, and painted the building’s entire exterior in seven hours.

“If it weren’t for Mr. Prouty’s good reputation with other local business owners and volunteers and his passion for community involvement, this project would not have completed,” Kidd says.

In honor of National Roofing Week, July 5-11, NRCA will be highlighting stories like this to share the extraordinary ways professional roofing contractors give back to their communities through charitable works.

National Roofing Week increases awareness throughout the U.S. about the significance of roofs to every home and business and promotes the importance of hiring a professional roofing contractor and making informed decisions about maintaining or replacing any roof system.

In addition, National Roofing Week highlights the good deeds of the roofing industry and encourages members to participate by engaging in their communities and informing the public about the essential role roofs and professional roofing contractors play.

One thought on “Guaranteed Roofing Inc. Restores Apartment Building Housing Families in Crisis

  1. I love it that companies do this type of thing for the local communities. I really builds morale both for the workers and the residents.


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