Roof Angels Provides Dallas-Fort Worth Families in Need With Improved Quality of Life

Roof Angels Dallas-Fort Worth-based Aspenmark Roofing and Solar has always done what it could to give back to its community in charitable ways. In 2013, the company was looking for a more consistent way to provide roofing services to those in need.

“There’s really nothing in our business that actually gives back on an organized level,” says Chris Zazo, Aspenmark’s CEO.

As a result, Zazo created an organized way to give back to the community when he founded Roof Angels, a non-profit organization that provides roof system replacement and repair assistance to homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Working in partnership with the Dallas area Habitat for Humanity, Roof Angels aids homeowners who are unable to afford the cost of a needed roof system replacement or repair, or do not have insurance to cover the costs. GAF and SRS Distribution, Inc. also provide support to the organization.

Since its 2013 launch, Roof Angels has replaced four roofs for local families in need. This year the organization will quintuple that amount – it has 20 roofing projects scheduled in 2015.

The most typical roofing issues that homeowners who receive aid from Roof Angels face are roof aging, leaking missing shingles and ventilation. The end result of the aid Roof Angels provides is an overall improvement to a family’s quality of life.

“They know they have a sound roof over their head, and when it rains they will be protected from the elements,” says Sharon Winneker, executive director of Roof Angels.

For more information on Roof Angels, visit

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