RSI Roofing Provides New Roof Systems for Children in San Diego and Mexico

RSI_Snack BarChildren in San Diego and Mexicali, Mexico, have something in common: They both benefited from the generosity of NRCA member RSI Roofing in San Diego.

RSI Roofing recently completed a roof system replacement on North Park Little League snack bar, as well as provided a new roof to a school in Mexicali.

The North Park Little League is a children’s baseball organization dedicated to providing life lessons that help parents guide their children as they transition from youth to young adult to adult.

In recent months, league management became aware the aging roof system on the snack bar was in need of replacement but did not have the resources to fund it.

RSI Roofing stepped forward and provided the labor to reroof the structure with shingles donated by ABC Supply.

RSI_SchoolAt the same time, part of the roof system on a school in Mexicali blew off during a storm. The damage was so severe, it was having a negative effect on the students’ learning.

RSI Roofing sent a crew to Mexico to replace the roof system. After three days of planning, the RSI Roofing crew departed San Diego at 4 a.m. They installed the new roof in enough time to make it back home by 4:30 p.m.

There have been four rain showers since the work on the school has been completed. The students are now able to learn in a secure and comfortable environment.

“It’s important for us to donate our time and resources to give back to the community that has supported us for the 23 years we’ve been in business,” says David Susi, president of RSI Roofing. “These jobs ultimately helped the children here in San Diego and Mexicali, and we are thankful we could help.”

One thought on “RSI Roofing Provides New Roof Systems for Children in San Diego and Mexico

  1. pdbinder says:

    Awesome RSI!


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