Showalter Roofing Service Inc. Aims to Help Those in Need in Chicago Area with A Roof Above Your Head Charitable Organization

ShowalterNaperville, Ill.-based Showalter Roofing Service Inc. receives regular calls from Naperville residents as well as those from surrounding communities who are in urgent need of a roof system repair or replacement but unable to afford the work.

“The area we live in is known for being more affluent, but we are running into more people who need our help,” says Showalter Roofing Service Chief Financial Officer Paul Showalter.

Showalter Roofing Services has been funding the charitable projects on its own. Even though the company wanted to accommodate all the requests received, it was in need of additional support.

As a result, Chief Operating Officer CJ Martin formed a partnership with area businesses and Bone Dry Roofing Supply Inc., Indianapolis, to establish A Roof Over Your Head, a 501(c)3 charitable organization designed to better assist members of the community who are unable to repair their roof systems.

“We started a partnership with others so we would have a bigger pool to draw from,” Martin says. “It’s easier to honor the requests for help if we have a 501(c)3 that people can get behind and support.”

A Roof Over Your Head is preparing for its first project on a home in Wheaton, Ill., this month. As word begins to spread about the new organization, the company expects to increase the amount of requests from needy area homeowners they will be able to honor.

“We get people calling us weekly, and we have been limited by what a business can provide,” Martin says. “Until now a charitable roofing organization is something that’s been untapped in our area.”

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