NRCA Updates Guidelines Regarding Photovoltaic Rooftop Installation

PVmanual_cover_VProfessional Roofing’s September issue highlights NRCA’s updates to guidelines for rooftop PV installation

NRCA has released revisions to its guidelines for photovoltaic (PV) installation in its NRCA Guidelines for Rooftop-mounted Photovoltaic Systems, which addresses rooftop-mounted photovoltaic (PV) installation from a roofing contractor’s perspective.

Originally published in 2009, when the popularity of rooftops being used as platforms for PV systems began to grow, the guidelines have been updated to remain consistent with a continually evolving industry.

Revisions to NRCA Guidelines for Rooftop-mounted Photovoltaic Systems are highlighted in “Keeping Current” an article in the September issue of NRCA’s trade magazine Professional Roofing.

“Keeping current,” provides an overview of NRCA’s updated guidelines that contain relevant information about rooftop-mounted PV application from the most current editions of model building codes and standards.  It also presents NRCA’s latest best-practice guidelines for design and installation.

Topics covered include:

  • The basics of a PV system, including terminology and descriptions of the main components of a PV system.
  • PV-related standards and code compliance requirements organized in one chapter.
  • Roofing-specific information and NRCA recommendations applicable to rooftop-mounted PV system installations.
  • Brief summaries of Roof Integrated Solar Energy™ Inc. (RISE™) and the Certified Solar Roofing Professional™ (CSRP™) program.

“This publication is unique in the construction industry because addresses rooftop-mounted PV system installations from a roofing contractor’s perspective,” says article author Joan Crowe, an NRCA director of technical services. “It is a must-have for all roofing contractors who are involved in this segment of the roofing industry.”

Information contained in NRCA Guidelines for Rooftop-mounted Photovoltaic Systems was collected by NRCA from knowledgeable, practicing roofing contractors throughout the U.S. who are experienced with PV system installations.

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