NRCA Partnership with Medical One Select Enables Members to Provide Medical Discount Benefits to Their Employees


NRCA’s partnership with Medical One Select gives members access to a free prescription savings card, saving them 42 percent on generic and name-brand prescriptions at more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. The partnership is part of NRCA’s affinity offerings.

Medical One Select specializes in medical and lifestyle discount programs, helping to save money on pharmacy, dental, chiropractic, hearing aids, vitamins and doctor visits.

The Prescription Savings Card is a no-cost benefit to NRCA member’s employees, enabling them to provide savings to family members, group members and anyone who supports a member’s business. Members may request an unlimited number of pharmacy cards.

In addition, NRCA also offers DefiniteBenefits,™ a dental and vision discount plan, which saves 10 to 50 percent on dental services and 10 to 60 percent on eyewear and contacts. Entry-level benefit plans begin at as little as $5 per employee per month and includes access to discount networks for dental vision and chiropractic services.

NRCA’s affinity program offerings are a benefit of membership.

To learn more about Medical One Select, visit or call (866) 717-1471.

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