KPost Company Helps Build the Perot Museum of Nature and Science


Arial view of the completed Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Dallas-based KPost Company was recognized earlier this year with NRCA’s Gold Circle Award for Innovative Solutions: New Construction, for a project it completed on Dallas’ Perot Museum of Nature and Science in 2012.

The museum, which opened in December 2012 was funded by the Ross and Margot Perot family, who donated funding for the 180,000-square-foot-facility. The facility provides opportunities for children to explore new ideas through tangible, galvanic exhibits where they’ll study everything from dinosaurs to DNA.

KPost was contracted to provide roofing solutions for the upper penthouses, built-up air handler unit, main roof, Level 5 office terrace and Level 3 roof located behind the cantilevered escalator structure. Throughout the project’s duration, KPost managed some of the most challenging waterproofing scenarios the company had ever encountered. As a result, KPost’s responsibilities increased to include the entry plaza, rear terrace, escalator gutters and drainage, as well as a unique waterproofing design at the built-up air handler’s floor level.

The main roof and upper penthouses, escalator, and plaza and terrace were the project’s most unusual construction challenges.

The museum’s main roof and upper penthouses presented a challenge because of a 4-inch gap between the roof structure and the vertical pre-cast wall system. In addition, the eastern corner of the roof area had the same condition, but the structural steel column supports were fireproofed and could not be disturbed.


A worker tests for membrane breaches.

In addition, the escalator could only be accessed through a window or from a catwalk where workers needed to use personal fall-arrest systems above a ladder set onto a glass roof.

Designers had initially asked KPost to pour concrete onto the museum’s roof. However, after the original design for the plaza and terrace did not work out as planned, KPost was asked to provide a solution.

KPost’s solutions to the roof system challenges at Perot Musuem are highlighted in the November, 2015 issue of Professional Roofing magazine.

Despite the many challenges KPost had to overcome on this project, they were able to complete it with no injuries or accidents, thanks to rigorous safety measures, including a strong emphasis on fall protection and use of personal protective equipment. They successfully completed the Perot Museum of Nature and Science project on Oct. 31, 2012, ahead of schedule.

“This project was smaller in square footage compared to other projects in KPost’s portfolio, but it was exponentially greater in planning and field oversight because of the intense details, complexity and uniqueness of the project,” says Steve Little, president of KPost.

KPost also received a Gold Circle Award honorable mention in the Outstanding Workmanship: Low-slope category.

NRCA’s prestigious Gold Circle Award recognizes outstanding workmanship and contributions to the roofing industry, including unique roofing-related jobs, programs and services.

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