The Workforce Dilemma – What to Do?

NCover BoardsRCA’s CEO Bill Good recently provided his perspective on the challenges facing the construction industry as part of Metal Construction Magazine’s recent feature “2016 State of the Industry,” highlighting the construction industry’s opportunities and challenges. Good’s column, “The Workforce Dilemma – What to Do?” focuses on the ongoing labor shortage that is affecting construction, including the roofing industry.

The column focuses on several factors that caused these acute labor shortages. They include:

  • The average age of a first-day-on-the job roofing apprentice is 29.6 years
  • 53 percent of the roofing workforce is Latino, and language and literacy are significant barriers to training
  • Accident and injury rates for roofing workers rise dramatically at age 45
  • Demand for roofing work is projected to increase, on average, by about 5 percent annually

According to Good, there are several ways to address the ongoing labor shortage problem. These includes immigration reform; adapting  to the increase of Latinos in the roofing industry by understanding language and literacy issues; recruiting veterans to pursue a career in roofing; persuading high school graduates that the roofing and construction trades offer great career opportunities; and improving the overall image of the construction industry.

Good’s column can be read in its entirety below.

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