NRCA: Pay Attention to Your Roof

NRCA Updates EnergyWise Roof Calculator

“NRCA: Pay Attention to Your Roof,” and article published March 4 in Energy Manager Today, highlights NRCA’s recent release of its updated EnergyWise Roof Calculator, an online tool that provides a graphical method of constructing roof assemblies to evaluate thermal performance and estimated energy costs under normal operating conditions.

The EnergyWise calculator provides the following benefits:

* Judges compliances of the roof in the context of codes and regulations for a particular municipality

* Estimates the R-value for the materials and insulation selected

* Assesses the thermal gradient of the roof

* Provides an estimate of heating and cooling costs based solely on the roof infrastructure

Joan Crowe, an NRCA director of technical services, is cited in the article, which also highlights a universal suggestion in the roofing industry: Pay attention to your roof.

“People want a proven time-tested roof system,” Crowe says. “We always tell homeowners and building owners when to stick with something with a proven track record. In terms of synthetic systems we don’t know how long they will last. They often are made of recycled material and you have to be careful when installing those.”

NRCA recommends homeowners and building owners inspect their roofs twice annually and after major weather events and urges consumers to contact a professional roofing contractor if it is necessary to climb onto a roof to perform an inspection.

To read the article in its entirety, click below.

For more information on NRCA’s EnergyWise Roof Calculator, visit

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