Contractors stay busy, especially now

NRCA’s CEO Bill Good recently provided his perspective on natural disasters affecting the construction industry as part of the recent feature “Roofwork: Contractors stay busy, especially now,” published in the newspaper Reading Eagle. The article highlights the hailstorm that struck parts of residents of Berks County, Pa. Good focuses on several factors that affect the construction industry’s market cycle. Natural disasters almost always lead to work for roofing contractors.

“If everybody’s home is repaired because of a storm, there’s no business until the next storm, and we don’t want that,” Good says.

Good believes natural disasters can create a lot of short-term business, but it’s not beneficial in the long run because disasters sometimes are followed by what Good calls “storm chasers,” people who show up after storms to fix damaged buildings.

According to Good, there are several ways to address this disruptive market issue. These include waiting for established professional roofing contractors to repair the damage rather than choosing someone going door to door. Good advises hiring a reputable contractor before making a hasty decision to get a roof repaired quickly. Tips for hiring NRCA roofing professionals are found on

To read the article in its entirety, click below.

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