Butcher and Butcher Construction Shows Foster Children the Spirit of Giving by Filling Holiday Wish Lists and Toy Drive

Butcher_Toy DriveChildren who have been placed in foster care often come from homes where abuse and neglect are considered normal. Some of these children have never experienced the joy of the holiday season.

In 2015, NRCA member Butcher and Butcher Construction Co. Inc., Rochester Hills, Mich., worked with Friends of Foster Kids, a local non-profit that provides Christmas presents for children in foster care.

Each year, Friends of Foster Kids collects “wish lists” from foster kids in Michigan’s Oakland and Macomb counties. The lists contain three wishes as well as information about their hobbies, interests and clothing sizes. In 2015, Friends of Foster kids filled wish lists for approximately 1,200 children.

Butcher and Butcher filled wish lists of 10 children ranging from 18 months to 18 years old.  In addition, Butcher and Butcher held a company-wide toy drive that generated additional toys and clothes for Friends of Foster Kids as well as $350 in cash donations from the company’s employees.

“It was so wonderful to see the enthusiasm, compassion and generosity our employees displayed with this toy drive,” says Jaclyn Butcher, director of marketing at Butcher and Butcher.

The toy drive allowed Butcher and Butcher to provide clothing, bedding, popular electronics and video games, art supplies, car seats and much more.

“Butcher and Butcher Construction not only built a beautiful Christmas to remember for the children individually, but they also helped us spread the ‘spirit of Christmas’ to so many others with their additional donations,” says Theresa Tola of Friends of Foster Kids. “Although the impact of their participation cannot be measured, it will be felt in the hearts of children for years to come.”

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