Gulf Western Roofing Provides a New Roof to Orlando Home for At-Risk Youth

Edgewood 3Established in 1966, Edgewood Children’s Ranch in Orlando, Fla., is a residential facility for at-risk youth ages 8-17. In addition to supporting the children who reside at their facility, Edgewood Children’s Ranch works closely with the children’s parents with the intent of reuniting them as healthy, loving and functioning families. This is achieved by Edgewood Children’s Ranch’s successful components in its program, which are: cottage life, academic support, counseling and apparent support program.


Gulf Western Roofing replaced the roof system on this on-property house at the Edgewood Children’s Ranch

After 48 years, some of the buildings on the Edgewood Children’s Ranch property began to deteriorate. In 2015, NRCA member, Gulf Western Roofing, Orlando donated a new roof system for one of Edgewood Children’s Ranch’s on-property houses.

Upon visiting the ranch, Gulf Western employees were given a tour by two residents of the ranch. The boy’s faces lit up when asked whether they enjoyed their lifestyle at the ranch. They described their schooling,
chores and the activities they enjoy such as fishing, canoeing, and spending time reading and playing games with their house family.

Upon inspection of the house in need of a new roof system, Gulf Western Roofing found

Edgewood 2

Workers replaced the roof system, ensuring it was up to Florida’s building code.

the shingles were deteriorating and the roof was leaking in several areas.

Gulf Western Roofing removed the existing roof system and installed a new one that was up to Florida’s building code.

The generosity of Gulf Western Roofing enabled the Edgewood Children’s Ranch to make use of a much- needed cottage for a new staff family to live in.

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