Hayden Building Maintenance Corp. Replaces Roof System for Shelter for Domestic Violence Victims

Hayden Roofing Waterproofing Rest

Victims of domestic violence often have to choose between homelessness for themselves and their children or returning to an abusive relationship. Those who seek refuge in residential shelters need a safe, secure environment in which to live as they disengage from their abusers, access services to help them cope and heal from the violence and trauma, and begin the process of rebuilding their lives, working toward self-sufficiency.

Founded in 1978, My Sister’s Place, Westchester, N.Y., is recognized statewide as a leader in providing a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. They meet the clients’ needs through:

  • A 24-hour hotline for information and referrals
  • Ownership and operation of two residential shelters for victims and their children
  • Adult counseling
  • Children’s counseling, therapeutic care and art therapy
  • Legal services in the areas of family law, immigration and human trafficking
  • Aftercare services for individuals transitioning out of the shelter
  • Education and prevention programs for middle and high school students
  • Advocacy and outreach

Earlier this year, NRCA member Hayden Building Maintenance Corp., West Dynack, N.Y., repaired the roof system on My Sister’s Place, which was beyond its life expectancy. The facility was in need of an entire roof system replacement and had been experiencing leaking. The project consisted of 3,000 square feet of shingles.

While working on the project, Hayden Building Maintenance treated it as a highly confidential project to protect the security of the women residing at the shelter.

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