Alumni Roofing Co. Replaces Roof System for Ohio-based Health Facility, Restores Local Landmark

DSC_0006-web-1040Avita Health System is a nonprofit organization providing care to patients in need of financial assistance in Ohio’s Crawford, Marion and Richland counties.

In 2013, Avita Health System purchased a 185,000-square-foot building at Richmond Mall in Mansfield, Ohio, to be renovated into a medical facility. The $50 million renovation took place in several phases beginning in 2014.

A tower built on the building in 1972 to provide a screen wall to an out of date HVAC unit had become a local landmark. Avita Health System wished to maintain the tower as the building’s focal point. To accomplish this, Avita Health System turned to NRCA -member Alumni Roofing Co., Lexington, Ohio, to come up with design options for preserving the tower.

Avita-(4)-web-1040After presenting several possibilities, Alumni Roofing proposed installing a TPO membrane with the Avita logo on the TPO membrane. The company created a temporary vinyl sign with the Avita Health System logo and hung it on the tower to demonstrate the logo’s size and placement on the tower. Avita Health System chose to go with Alumni Roofing’s recommendations.

Before beginning work on the new roof system, Alumni Roofing had to address the significant safety challenges of working on a structure 100 feet in the air during high winds.

Alumni Roofing used adjustable roof brackets with 2- by 6-foot planks.IMG_1417-web-1040

“Each installer had two ropes – on for the front lanyard harness and another rope to hold onto,” says Todd Lindeman, vice president of operations for Alumni Roofing.

In addition, Alumni Roofing installed a guardrail to prevent tools and debris from falling to the ground.

After extensive preparation, the TPO membrane with the Avita Health System logo was adhered to the tower. Once the roof system was complete, Avita Health System installed multicolored LED lights around the tower’s base to make it visible from nearly 1 mile away.

In December 2014, Alumni Roofing successfully completed its work on the Avita Health System tower.

“The most rewarding part of the job is knowing we played a key role in preserving a community landmark,” Lindeman says. “And we helped our customer develop a unique focal point to its new hospital.”

For demonstrating ingenuity on the project, Alumni Roofing received a 2016 Gold Circle Award honorable mention in the Innovative Solutions: Reroofing category.

For more details on Alumni Roofing’s work on Avita Health System’s roof system, visit–06-01-2016/3845.


5 thoughts on “Alumni Roofing Co. Replaces Roof System for Ohio-based Health Facility, Restores Local Landmark

  1. Its amazing to see what Alumni roofers can do with a roof.
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  2. Tye Williams says:

    Great job on saving a historic landmark!!
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  3. Tj Hewitt says:

    Wow! 100 ft. in the air! What a great repair.
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