Korellis Roofing helps build Chicago’s Chinatown public library

Chinatown Library 2 300dpi

Since 1873, the Chicago Public Library system has served Chicagoans with free, open places to gather, learn, connect and read.

On Aug. 29, 2015, the Chicago Public Library system opened a new, 16,000-square-foot, two-story, branch in the city’s Chinatown neighborhood. The feng shui-inspired structure was designed to harmonize with its surrounding environment and is partially covered with a living roof, installed by NRCA member Korellis Roofing Inc., Hammond, Ind.

Working on a roughly 8,400-square-foot roof with 3,900 square feet covered in vegetation posed significant challenges.

“This project was in the heart of the Chinatown neighborhood in Chicago, so staging and loading of materials presented significant logistical challenges,” says John Ziolkowski, vice president–roofing operations at Korellis Roofing.

In addition, Korellis Roofing used a Garlock Equipment Perimeter Clamp Guardrail system to provide workers with fall protection while installing the roof membrane.

Chinatown Green Roof In Progress

Workers assemble the vegetative roof system on the Chicago Public Library’s Chinatown Branch

After the PVC roof membrane was installed, workers used a permanently installed horizontal lifeline system that borders the vegetative roof area during installation and placement of the vegetative roof system.

After overcoming numerous logistical and fall-protection challenges, Korellis Roofing successfully completed its work on the Chicago Public Library’s Chinatown branch in July 2015 in time for its August 2015 grand opening.

“The most rewarding aspect of this job was this project was truly successful because of our workforce, workmanship and expertise with installing PVC membranes and vegetative roofs,” Ziolkowski says.

For demonstrating excellent workmanship on the Chicago Public Library’s Chinatown branch, Korellis Roofing was selected as a 2016 Gold Circle Awards finalist in the Outstanding Workmanship: Low-slope category.

For more details about Korellis Roofing’s work on the roof system of the Chicago Public Library’s Chinatown branch, visit www.professionalroofing.net/Articles/Roofing-with-ingenuity–06-01-2016/3845.

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