Top 5 Apartment Roofing Tips to Protect Your Properties

NRCA Director of Technical Services, Maciek Rupar, recently provided his perspective on how property managers can protect roof systems for Property Management Insider. The article entitled “Top 5 Apartment Roofing Tips to Protect Your Properties” highlights the importance of selecting the appropriate materials for apartment roof systems, as well as suggestions for proper maintenance.

The article addresses common mistakes apartment building owners make when selecting the wrong materials on low-slope roofs, including asphalt shingles applied to roofs that are pitched at 2:12, which slows water runoff and collects more dirt and debris that can damage roof systems.

“There is the idea that water-shedding products can work down to a slope of 2:12,” Rupar says. “But asphalt shingles wear out faster at these low slopes and don’t ensure consistent water shedding performance as they would on a higher slope.”

In addition, the article details five suggestions to help ensure the health of an apartment building’s roof system. They include:

  • Keeping roof surfaces clear of debris, dirt and other materials that could hinder water drainage and cause ponding.
  • Roof systems that have a reflective membrane design of energy efficiency should be periodically washed to remove dirt that will reduce reflection of heat.
  • Inspection and repair of perimeter-edge flashings after strong winds or hail.
  • Inspect for signs of wear and tear from foot traffic or work on roof surfaces.
  • Immediately inspect a roof system after a storm.

“Top 5 Apartment Roofing Tips to Protect Your Properties” can be read in its entirety below.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Apartment Roofing Tips to Protect Your Properties

  1. JJ says:

    Great advice. So important to keep an eye on your roof – people often forget that roofs are part of your home and need cleaning and checking just as much as anywhere else in your home!


  2. Shayne Meyer says:

    Thanks for sharing these informative tips.That is very helpful to us for maintaining roof problems. Quality roof repair services are a sound investment for your home. Repair services prove useful to protect your home. It’s important to seal any leak as soon as possible and damaged shingles should be replaced immediately. In the case of minimal or isolated damage to your roof, you have to hire a professional to repair your roof.


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