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FiberTite Becomes First NRCA Partner Member

PrintNRCA has announced FiberTite Roofing Systems Seaman Corp., Wooster, Ohio, has become the first manufacturer to upgrade its associate membership to “partner member.”

In February, NRCA launched its One Voice initiative aimed at collectively recognizing threats to the industry and the opportunities they may present. To do so, NRCA has undertaken a campaign to unite the roofing industry and speak with one voice on matters of industry importance. To ensure all industry sectors are given an opportunity to participate, NRCA amended its bylaws to allow manufacturers, distributors, architects, engineers and consultants that choose to participate to become full members of the association, meaning they will be granted voting rights and eligible for leadership roles within the association. Previously, such rights were reserved only for contractor members.

“Our chances for success in many areas improve when we row in the same direction, and I saw this firsthand during my time in Congress,” says NRCA CEO Reid Ribble. “Industries that spoke with a single voice in Washington were much more effective at moving legislation in their direction, and I believe we can accomplish the same (and more) when we foster relationships that are more inclusive and collaborative.”

FiberTite is the first company to commit to NRCA’s One Voice initiative, which initially will focus on developing a national worker training and certification program, legislative efforts and advocacy. FiberTite announced its intention April 5.

“Clearly, it is of vital importance to stakeholders throughout the roofing industry that we align ourselves around the key challenges affecting the growth of our business,” says FiberTite Vice President and General Manager Scott Gipson.  “Channeling the breadth of NRCA members in speaking with One Voice provides clarity to policy makers who may otherwise guide decisions critical to our success. It was an easy decision for us to get on board with this important initiative.”

For more information about NRCA and its One Voice initiative, go to


NRCA Partnership with Medical One Select Enables Members to Provide Medical Discount Benefits to Their Employees


NRCA’s partnership with Medical One Select gives members access to a free prescription savings card, saving them 42 percent on generic and name-brand prescriptions at more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. The partnership is part of NRCA’s affinity offerings.

Medical One Select specializes in medical and lifestyle discount programs, helping to save money on pharmacy, dental, chiropractic, hearing aids, vitamins and doctor visits.

The Prescription Savings Card is a no-cost benefit to NRCA member’s employees, enabling them to provide savings to family members, group members and anyone who supports a member’s business. Members may request an unlimited number of pharmacy cards.

In addition, NRCA also offers DefiniteBenefits,™ a dental and vision discount plan, which saves 10 to 50 percent on dental services and 10 to 60 percent on eyewear and contacts. Entry-level benefit plans begin at as little as $5 per employee per month and includes access to discount networks for dental vision and chiropractic services.

NRCA’s affinity program offerings are a benefit of membership.

To learn more about Medical One Select, visit or call (866) 717-1471.

NRCA Partnership with HomeAdvisor Helps Members to Establish Connections with Homeowners Ready to Hire a Roofing Professional

homeadvisor_logo_2996 NRCA’s partnership with HomeAdvisor as part of its affinity program offerings, provides roofing professionals who work with homeowner’s insight into what’s important to them.

Based on surveys conducted on thousands of homeowners, HomeAdvisor’s website, which connects roofing contractors with homeowners, can provide information of what consumers want in a services professional and provide them with a search experience when they are ready to begin a roof system repair of replacement.

Since more than half a million homeowners generate service requests each month with HomeAdvisor, it can help NRCA members put their business in front of this extensive network and to connect with consumers who are ready to hire a roofing contractor.

HomeAdvisor can help NRCA members put their business in front of its extensive homeowner network. More than half a million homeowners generate service requests each month with HomeAdvisor, allowing NRCA members to establish connections with consumers who are motivated, serious and ready to hire.

NRCA’s affinity program offerings are a benefit of membership. To learn more about HomeAdvisor, email or call (303) 963-7732.

NRCA Partnership with EFS Allows Members to Consolidate Spending


NRCA’s Partnership with Electronic Fund Sources (EFS’) Construction Financial Services purchasing program gives members the opportunity to consolidate their spending into one platform for purchasing, job costing, travel and entitlement, and fuel expenditures. The partnership is part of NRCA’s affinity offerings.

EFS is a single-card platform that leverages the MasterCard® Network for greater acceptance. In addition, the service’s leading-edge payment infrastructure can easily integrate into a company’s accounting software, allowing NRCA members greater efficiencies in managing fuel and corporate expenditures.

EFS is a leader of innovative and customized payment solutions designed specifically to meet the roofing industry’s dynamic and competitive needs.

NRCA’s affinity program offerings are a benefit of membership.

For more details or to enroll NRCA members can click here or call (612) 229-8611.

To learn more about NRCA’s affinity program offering with EFS, visit

NRCA and Staples Advantage Partner to Provide Members Significant Discounts on Office Supplies


NRCA has partnered with Staples Advantage as part of its affinity program to provide members with significant savings on office, janitorial, safety and break room supplies. The special discounted pricing that Staples Advantage has reserved exclusively for NRCA members allows participants to average a minimum savings of 15-20 percent. And Staples Advantage understands every business is different, so it will customize your product selection to your specific needs, including:

  • Next-day business delivery
  • Lowest total-delivered cost
  • Award-winning customer service and easy ordering
  • Efficient tracking through one simple invoice

Staples Advantage is the contract division of Staples Inc., providing office products to businesses and institutions. Businesses are assigned account managers to handle all aspects of an account to help simplify the ordering process. NRCA’s affinity program offerings are a benefit of membership offering products and services from affinity program partners at significant member discounts. For more details or to enroll NRCA members can click here or call (646)374-1769. To learn more about NRCA’s affinity program offerings, visit

NRCA Members Featured in Nationally Syndicated Home Improvement Television Show

Ned Arthur, president of Charlotte-based H&S Roofing Co. Inc., and Nick Sabino, president of Cincinnati-based Deer Park Roofing Inc., were recently featured in the most recent season of For Your Home. Both companies are members of NRCA.

Hosted by Vicki Payne, For Your Home is a popular lifestyle show focusing on trends in home improvement. It is the longest-running nationally syndicated home and garden show on television.

The episode featuring Sabino’s interview began airing nationally on American Public Television March 2. Sabino addresses several important issues regarding roof system repair and maintenance, including the importance of insulation and ventilation, signs of an aging roof and the benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor.

“They’re going to start with good design, followed by good workmanship,” Sabino says, explaining the importance of working with a professional roofing contractor. “They’re also going to offer maintenance programs or service programs for a roof system.”

H&S Roofing appeared in the following episode which began airing March 9, when the company installed a metal roof system on a portion of a home.

“We were coming in and preparing the roof deck to accept the new underlayments that we install under metal roofs,” Arthur says, describing a portion of the work that he personally performed on the roof system.

To view both For Your Home episodes in their entirety, visit

For more information about roof system repair and maintenance and the importance of hiring a professional roofing contractor, visit NRCA’s consumer website at

NRCA Welcomes Back Puerto Rico’s Antilles Roofing After a Lucky Spin of the Wheel Brings a Free Membership


Armando Iduate, president of San Juan, PR-based Antilles Roofing celebrates with his family after winning a free one year membership on NRCA’s prize wheel at IRE on Feb 24.

San Juan, Puerto Rico-based Antilles Roofing Co. Inc. had been an NRCA member for many years. In fact, the company’s president, Armando Iduate, recalls the company’s original number was low.

“It was somewhere in the 60s,” he says. “We’ve always been happy with NRCA and the services it provides.”

Unfortunately, three years ago, poor economic conditions in Puerto Rico led to Iduate making the difficult decision to terminate his NRCA membership.

“The local economy is taking a hit, and jobs are hard to come by,” Iduate says.

During the economic downturn, Antilles Roofing has been able to survive, mainly because the solid reputation the company built in the roofing industry during the 50 years it has been in business has resulted in many repeat customers.

Iduate and his family met with some luck Feb. 24 during their recent trip to New Orleans for the 2015 International Roofing Expo,® where they paid a visit to NRCA’s booth and he explained his story to NRCA staff members.

Iduate explained he had to give up his NRCA membership because of financial hardship, and he was encouraged to spin the booth’s prize wheel, a popular attraction every year at NRCA’s booth. When Iduated spun the wheel, it landed on “Free Membership for One Year.”

“I won! I felt so happy,” Iduate says. “I told my daughter to take advantage of all of the opportunities that come with an NRCA membership.”

It is Iduate’s hope to someday pass along Antilles Roofing to his daughter. He says he is excited to have access to the NRCA manual, is pleased some materials are now available in Spanish.

He also has used the recently released NRCA app which is free to all members and includes NRCA’s most popular technical publications.

NRCA is happy to welcome back Antille’s Roofing Co Inc. as a member. For more information about NRCA membership, visit